Who we are?

Who we are?

Self-organized, autonomous collective of different people: students, workers, activist, unemployed.  We are anti-capitalist and antifascist.  We don’t organize in an institutional way, but we encourage everyone to organize themselves in an autonomous, grass roots way.  We are independent from all political parties, NGOs.  We are for equality, dignity, freedom.

What do we want?

We want to show that you are not alone!  We are everywhere and we are strong and we have to stop being silent!  We got enough of last years racists riots.  We are against both Hungarian Guard and all other nationalist, racist groups and organizations who discriminate, threaten and attack people because of their skin color, religion or sexual orientation.  We are against all forms of racism, not only white racism!  And we are also against neoliberals, who support and push capitalism which does the same discrimination on the market and make people’s life miserable.

What is Blood and Honour and the Honour Day?

Blood and Honour is an international nazi militant network which spreads the politics of hate and violence through subcultural channels.  This is one of the most developed forms of harmful nazi paranoia.  They are not only against any group of people with certain political views but against almost all individuals.  They deny and attack every culture which is different from theirs and they want totalitarian power.  The Honour Day is held since 10 years in every February, to commemorate the desperate outbreak attempt of the German and Hungarian nazi troops from the surrounded castle hill.  On this celebration the leaders of different nazi parties make speeches.
This hate speech calling for the supression of minorities and the weak inspired many people in the riots of the last years and supported the formation of right wing militant groups.

We protest against their commemoration because they use such events for international meetings and strategic discussions, for the display of force and for intimidation and discrimination.  We do not demand the illegalisation of their organisations because it will not stop them.  They can form new organisations under different names or continue to operate in illegality, and become stronger.  The best way to fight them is through collective social action in which everyone participates!



  1. Èn abszolút ellene vagyok a megemlékezéseiknek is … hacsak nem tömeges öngyilkossággal emlékeznek meg …

  2. Hey! Solidarity from Germany to you all! On the 14.2. is in Dresden (Saxony/East Germany) also a very big fascist event/Demonstration with up to 6000 or more fascist!! We will stop them in Dresden, you will stop them in Budapest!!

    Keep your eyes open, and fight white pride!

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