antifascist announcement

We protest against all their activities because the goal of their politics, although it is in line with the goals of the other political forces is , spreading fear and loathing in society — but it’s more brutal, open and terroristic in its form. Most probably the state will not ban these organisations, but even if it did, it would amount to nothing since fascism is no more than a mode of operation of capitalist society.

Thus, the consequent fight against fascism cannot be separated from the fight against capitalist society. Every single step towards the revolution is also a step against fascism, and every consequent step against fascism is also a revolutionary step — antifascism separated from the revolutionary movement is no more than another idological product in the stock of capitalism. No compromise with fascism, since fascism is the essence of counterrevolution.

We can have no illusions about the antifascism of the democratic state since it is not the denial but the other half of fascism — the courts, the police, the local governments and all the institutions have people who believe in more or less fascist ideas. The conflicts between the state and neonazis are but conflicts between various branches of capital. It would be absurd to call for the policemen who will tomorrow hunt the real enemies of state and fascism: us. Similarly, it would be foolish to act like the defenders of certain rights for the neonazis.

Our primary goal with the antifascist organisation is not to engage in street fights, but something bigger: to spread anticapitalism, therefore antifascism, in the whole of society. We call for revolutionary organisation and collective, practical

February 14, Saturday at 1 oclock at the Kodaly Korond AntiNazi Carnival Demo!!!

with you flags, banners, tools to make noise (drums, whispers,pots, etc),

dress in, mask yourself, lets make the exclusion ridiculous!antifaflags

There will be soundsystem, music, dance, clowning! We ask you during the demo hold on the legal marching rights, do not throwing, do not let yourself to provoke!

Together we are strong, divided we will fall! Down with racism, down with capitalism!